Hume Valkyair General


Known for his abilities to optimize damage output when flanking with him.
Seems to have ability with swordplay and archery and shows adequate ability with both.

Wields a Longsword as his primary weapon with a shield to match.
He wears Scale Mail as it provides him with enough maneuverability and protection.
Also uses a Longbow.

Player Tip:

When fighting alongside Elthani, use his combat ability to your advantage, he provides a +5dmg bonus when he flanks.

  • Branded with the Solarus symbol.
  • Known by Shiraz as one of his subordinates in the army. Also was the one to turn Shiraz in.
  • Had a history of being a guard in Irondell
  • Now leads the Valkyair army and is looking for recruits to push the Tempestrate back.


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