Tempestrate General Voltain

Short and Stout, his blood pours out.


Highly armored and capable of packing a punch, Voltain used Archaic technology to imbue himself with thunder powers. The bracer of Archae allowed him to fuse his dual swords together into one great blade which he could imbue with electricity. As he died, Elthani cut off his hand and removed the bracer from his body incinerating the body taking his equipment along with it.

There was some connection between Voltain and Elthani.

Was slain with the combined effort of the party in the arena of Ironmaw.

Famous Words
“You people will never survive, the Tempestrate will rise up and destroy the idols you worship. You Humes call yourself godslayers, yet us, the gods slay you, one by one. Valkyair soldiers will fall, we’ve already marched an army into the stronghold, and soon the tower will be ours.”

Tempestrate General Voltain

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